The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at
home in the bosom of my family.

-Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Being a Woman of God

Recently, I have seen the need to reassess where I am, spiritually speaking. This introspection resulted in a goal to define and become a Woman of God. Based on my study of what others have said, I will share what I believe a Woman of God to be. The following are ideals, mind you, and are by no means areas that I have perfected.

A Woman of God:

  • Has knowledge that God blesses her each day with His love. She feels His love and identifies His hand in all things. She knows that she can turn to the Rock and Anchor of her faith when life seems anything but stable.

  • Serves God, others, and self—in that order.

  • Loves. She nurtures and finds opportunities to create an environment friendly for growth and views mistakes as part of the growing process.

  • Cherishes the knowledge of the sanctity of marriage and family life. She supports honorable men—whether they are in her family, civic leaders, or church leaders—and she does all she can to uphold a decent society where men are free to excel in their capacities, free from the filth that so easily besets virtuous men.

  • Is willing to sacrifice and not gloat about the perceived “loss”, thus becoming a martyr.

  • Understands that no amount of time in front of the mirror will compensate for the inner beauty that radiates from a woman of God. She knows that her body is a wonderful gift and she will not be dissuaded to embrace the worldly belief that she does not “measure” up (or down).

  • Is empowered with unshakable confidence in the gestalt (the smaller elements that are unified to make up a whole that cannot be understood by inspection of the individual parts) of God’s plan for her life.

In my quest to become this ethereal being, I want to know what my friends and family think of who a Woman of God is.

**What is an attribute that describes a Woman of God?
**Do you have a female role model that emulates these attributes? Who is she?


Eowyn said...

I have a female role model! Three of them actually. Sandy Mott, Karee Sowards and Rachel DeBuck. Both of them meet every one of the requirements you listed and if you asked them they'd deny it! They are all amazing examples and influential women in my life and I can only hope to be able to live up to the examples they set.

claudia said...


This is a beautiful post. ALL those things are womanly attributes...I'd say another one would be a woman who is AWARE. Aware of things which are good, virtuous, lovely, good, and Godly, and also aware of the not so good things, the tempters snares, the worlds enticings, and her own weaknesses...

I may have to think about this one for a while and post more later!

Thanks for sharing Miriam!

Anne said...

Mim, I loved reading this post. I am reading a fantastic book right now that celebrates women and the divine nobility we have. It's called "Eve and the Choice Made in Eden" by Bevery Campbell. It speaks of Eve's heroic and noble choice to allow all of Heavenly Father's spirit children the chance to come to this Earth. Mary, mother of the Savior, is another role model: she also selflessly raised and loved the man that would allow all those souls to return to their Father in heaven. And of course, my favorite (living) female role model is Sheri Dew. I remember in the Colony, you had a sign on the kitchen cabinets that said, "Women, we are the Lord's secret weapons!" Yee-haw!