The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at
home in the bosom of my family.

-Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Mission Statement

Lately, I have been reminded of the need for mission statements—especially for our family. Nick and I talked about it several months ago and even listened to the good old Covey talk on tape about family mission statements.

Originally, I wanted to have a short statement that would roll off the tongue. However, after considering what is most important about our family (also owing to my tendency to be verbose), it has turned out to be much meatier. I want part of our morning devotional to include memorizing parts of this so that later in life all this conditioning can aid in easy recall in otherwise compromising situations. Basically it has morphed from a single “statement” into a “year’s supply” of them.

As we are still in the drafting stages of grasping the big picture of our mission statement, let me know:

***Does your family have a mission statement? How have you used it? Do you have it somewhere prominent in your home?

Here’s the Nick and Miriam Family Mission Statement (Take One):

We are a family that is blessed by God. We are obedient to Him and to leaders and parents who are guided by His Spirit. God has given us a compass of faith to guide our family to grow in strength, virtue, wisdom, and courage. We strive to daily improve our relationship with Deity as we kneel in family prayer and ponder the scriptures. We will worship together forever.

Our home is place of beauty, order, peace, and simplicity. Our home is a safe and protected sanctuary. Our home is a place of inspiration and nourishment. Our home is a place of preparation. Our home is a gathering place for family and friends.

We choose to be together and desire to always be unified. Time spent as a family is precious. Our bond is strengthened as we work hard and accomplish our goals cooperatively. We work daily to build our family of excellence. Our laughter is heard during work and play.

We treat others with gentleness, respect, and patience. We recognize the God-given desire to be kind to others. We are accountable for our choices. We are always honest and fiercely loyal. We stand up for what is right, no matter what. We are examples of leadership and dependability.

We have beautiful bodies with energy to use them to be creative and serve others. We study to fill our minds with priceless knowledge. We discover and develop our talents to bless our community.

We will fulfill our family mission in a way that enriches the quality of our family life and draws us closer to each other through Heaven’s Grace.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Forever

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, before you proceed, grab a barf bag. Sometimes our outward demonstrations of marital bliss can drive people to porcelain, so I totally understand if you don’t read this! This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband. Nick is a phenomenal person and it is seemingly impossible to enumerate the vast qualities that he possesses. However, I’ll briefly cover the basics as I share a teeny peek into who he is as a son, father, and husband. My mother-in-law was down for the past several days recovering from a small, but painful, surgery and Nick concerned himself with her well-being the whole time she was here. Nick has always held his mother in such high regard and really works hard to make sure her needs are being met—I love hearing him talk about how he was such a momma’s boy as a kid. Any single ladies who are reading, take close note of how a man treats his mother! Nick is an amazing father to our little princess and makes it a priority to spend quality time with her. Alli adores Nick and will do anything to get a daddy-daughter date with him. We are best friends and can’t get enough of each other—I’m so glad he works at home because it’s like having a never-ending sleepover with your best friend. No matter what we are doing, he always makes me laugh—dancing, hiking, going to the rec center, ballets, symphonies, just sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream—from the big and elegant to the simple and mundane, my life is fun because we can laugh together doing anything. I love you, Lover. Thank you for giving me your life and eternities.