The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at
home in the bosom of my family.

-Thomas Jefferson

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've been tagged!

My amazing, wonderful, and lucky-to-be-related friend, Samantha (my sis-in-law) tagged me in her latest post.

8 facts....
1. I am married to a man who makes it easy for people question if we are still on our honeymoon. We love to breathe the same air and we start to miss each other if one is gone away for several hours. I hold to the opinion that when we are made fun of, it's just jealousy because everyone wants to have someone the way Nick and I have each other.

2. Alli is my tangible sunshine. She is a daughter only God could give to me. My love for her grows even when I thought I reached the limit.

3. I am blessed to have frequent moments of quiet even in the middle of the day because God knows me and knows what I need. I am not ashamed that I get to take naps on days when I am too tired.

4. I read the last pages of books…but keep reading even knowing the end. I guess it’s my way of feeding my desire to know what life will be like for me in the future.

5. I buy fun paper and fabric from all over…and rarely use it. Everyone needs something to collect, right?

6. I have bare front room walls because my vision doesn’t fit our budget and I prefer visual sterility to bankruptcy. If only we relied on a barter-based economy, I could cook tasty food to pay a savvy interior decorator.

7. Speaking of tasty food…I could eat rice and beans everyday until I die.

8. I can’t replace sentimentality for practicality. I know that my scriptures are worn and torn and have no room to write anymore notes, but the new scriptures I bought remained closed and rarely read. I know that I could sleep with any small blanket that would scrunch up just right under my arm, but my Grammy made my baby blanket that I still sleep with. I know that I could completely clean my bathroom mirror, but that would mean erasing the love notes Nick has left for me in dry-erase marker.

***This “8 Facts” tag can be passed along to anyone waiting to create a post but lacking direction in what to blog about. Or, like myself, anyone who has fallen so far behind in summer blogging even thinking about chronicling the past couple months seems overwhelming and a simple and undirected “8” theme is sufficient.***